Time Stamping

A common issue many fabrications shops face is understanding how much time their templaters and installers spend on the job site.


The reasons for wanting to understand this information ranges from shop to shop. Some companies are looking to better understand their labor costs associated with a job and others are looking to simply manage their field crews better.


If you are wondering how this can be done, Job Well Done can help. We’ve implemented a way to timestamp your activities from Job Well Done into Moraware.


Not familiar with Job Well Done?  It’s a field service software that’s specific to the Stone Industry. Job Well Done integrates with Moraware and captures information (pics, customer signatures, issues, etc) in the field and sends it back to Moraware. The software helps automate many of the manual processes associated with the communication between the field and the office.


When an installer or templater arrives at the job and completes the job, Job Well Done tracks the duration and it’s captured directly into Moraware.


If you are looking to better understand the time associated at a job, or looking to better understand when your templaters and installers leave the job site, then we might be able to help.


Interested in learning more? Shoot me a note at ryan@jobwelldone.com or visit our webpage at www.jobwelldone.com





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