Learning Center

Get to know the basics or become a Job Well Done power user.

Explore the video resources below. Here, you can learn the basics of navigating Job Well Done or move beyond the basics and become a power user.

Learning Center

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Navigating the login and dashboard screens

Learn how to access the software and take a tour of the interface.

User Setup

Learn how to setup users in Job Well Done.

Installer workflow

Learn how stone installers can use the software including finding job information and making progress updates.

Accessing customer signatures and sign-offs

Learn how to locate and manage the customer signature function of Job Well Done.

Measure tech workflow

Learn how measurers can use the software, including uploading site photos and measurement details.

Texting functionality

Learn how to improve your customer experience by using the built-in mobile texting function.

Taking pictures

Learn how to take pictures and assign them to jobs.

Accessing Morware forms

Learn how to access and interact with Moraware forms directly from your phone.

Capturing job site issues

Learn how to use Job Well Done to capture any issues that may be associated with the job.

Capturing signatures for Home Depot and Lowe’s jobs

Learn how to use Job Well Done to capture customer signatures for Home Depot and Lowe’s jobs and upload directly to the work order.

Capturing signatures for Moraware jobs

Learn how to use Job Well Done to capture customer signatures for jobs using Moraware forms.

View and edit Moraware forms

Learn how to view and edit Moraware forms directly in Job Well Done.

Reassigning jobs

Learn how to reassign jobs to other staff in Job Well Done.