Better way to handle issues

Is this your company….?

Templaters are on site and find out the cabinets aren’t installed or aren’t level.

Maybe another trade was in the kitchen and your templater couldn’t get their work done.

Perhaps your installer has broken a piece or maybe an edge is not polished.

If you are like most companies, I am sure your issue resolution looks like a combination of phone calls and perhaps some text with pictures. If you are lucky, you find out of the issue the day it’s happening. However, often times it still might not be until the next day when the folks are back in the office.

If this sounds familiar, Job Well Done can help. We automate and standardize the way companies handle issues in real-time.

How do we do it?

A templater and installer both have the ability to choose from a drop down menu of issues, sharing what issue they discovered. If it’s necessary, they can take a picture of the issue in JWD. Next they can suggest a resolution. Following those steps, the issue gets sent back in an email, with the pictures and notes, to all employees who you designate should receive the issue notification based on the type of problem.

This allows for proactive issue resolution. Instead of receiving a phone call from your customer about the issue, stay ahead of it, and let them know what’s been found and how you are addressing it.

In addition, this is a scalable and repeatable way to address issues from your templaters and installers.

At the end of the month, or end of the year, pull a report and see the most common issues your facility is facing to determine if there are other inherent challenges in other areas of your business.

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