New features available for Job Well Done

Job Well Done — an industry leading field services software solution that streamlines communication between the field and the office — added several new features to make the lives of your workers and customers easier.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • We’re a well-oiled machine in the office but that doesn’t always transfer to the field
  • Our in-office paper schedule for job assignments is not quite working anymore
  • Time is consistently wasted organizing unlabeled photos sent by text or email from the field
  • We’re capturing signatures in the field on paper and hoping they make it back to the shop, then we’re spending time scanning and saving it to the job
  • I wish we had a better way of submitting an issue and ensuring it is addressed in a timely manner

For current customers, and those searching for a reliable tool to help them streamline work processes, Job Well Done has added several new features to ensure nothing gets missed when you’re on the job.

Easy Capture of Digital Signatures. Additional charges beyond 5.

We understand that the need to efficiently and securely collect electronic signatures is crucial to a timely completion of any project. That’s why we support:

And now, we provide a way for you and customers to sign forms via the Waivers tab on Job Well Done. From the Waiver dropdown menu, you’ll see all forms that need to be signed for a given job. No more thinking (hoping) signatures are captured. Navigate to the Waivers tab and know they are there.

Accurate job duration tracking

Automatically set the schedule time and duration on a Moraware Activity based on the actions taken in Job Well Done. It’s as easy as setting a job to “In Progress” and then once finished, changing the status to “Job Complete”. The time in between will automatically be calculated and can be viewed in a report that you can share with your clients and staff.  

Track and resolve issues faster

Easily create custom “Issue Causes” and “Issue Resolution” by job type. Job Well Done then goes to work by:

  • Automatically copying the appropriate resource on issue emails; such as the template technician on all jobs they measured
  • Automatically creating a new Activity in Moraware once an issue is submitted in Job Well Done
  • Allowing multiple issue pictures to be uploaded to a single job
  • Analyze the Issue Report to identify common issue causes

Create and define additional user roles

A Manager role has been created for the role of a lead installer overseeing multiple install teams. This Manager would be able to see any jobs assigned to the Manager, as well as all jobs assigned to the team under that Manager/Lead. We have also created a Salesperson role in Job Well Done. This would allow your sales team members to quickly check status of their jobs throughout the day on their mobile device. The Salesperson role when will allow the Salesperson to be the recipient of email notifications that pertain only to the jobs they are the Salesperson on.

With Job Well Done, these roles can easily be defined and only users with the appropriate title are granted access to view.

Automate field notes into Moraware 

Let Job Well Done help you do more with your Moraware Activities. Looking to allow your field users to add notes from the field that attach to the activity in Moraware? Let us know!

Eliminate photo and file overload

Taking, saving and sending a lot of photos while on the job? If you’re in file overload, we’re here to help. You can now set up Job Well Done to only save completion PDFs in Moraware and not every individual photo.

Also, you can now upload files other than photos, so if you have attachments, notes, etc., feel free to add right alongside your photos or on their own. Notes submitted can even be added to the Activity Notes in Moraware.

Customize your Moraware forms permissions

You can now define specific forms to be read-only and other forms to allow edits to be made in Job Well Done, no longer is this done on a global level.

Only want certain fields to show on your form? With Job Well Done, you can define what is available on a form-by-form basis.

Customer experience notification services — $100/month

Send out appointment reminders the day before with field person’s information as well as job information to all parties to ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks. Follow up emails can also be generated following activity completion. Great feature to help improve customer experience and manage customer’s expectations of who and what to expect.

Bonus: Job Well Done integrates with Slack so you can leverage this growing resource as another avenue to stay connected and informed.

More to help you get the job done

As you can see, there are a lot of great new features to take advantage of.

Have questions or want additional features? Let us know!

Not already a customer? Contact us today to get started or click here watch a high level product demo of the tool in action.

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