Best-of-Breed Software

Best-of-Breed Field Service Software

Why the tool you choose makes all the difference

Not all tools are created equal. And when solutions claim to do everything, they often leave crucial gaps in the functionality organizations and users need most.

Could you hammer a nail with a screwdriver? Sure, but why would you. That’s what hammers are for. So, when organizations tell you their “screwdriver” is great for X, Y and Z, alarms should go off.

The following arms you with the know-how to leverage the right tool for the job, every time. We explain:

  • How the field service industry has evolved
  • Where one-size-fits-all tools fall short
  • Why purpose-built, best-of-breed solutions provide organizations with the best return on investment (ROI)

Whiteboards and Excel documents give way

The days of simply assigning workloads and tracking projects on a company whiteboard are no longer viable. Neither are maintaining master spreadsheets and circulating copies via email.

Customers and contractors expect work to happen fast, and they can no longer sit idly by with these antiquated forms of communication and collaboration. As a result, modern organizations are now looking for technology tools to streamline all facets of work, so everyone remains educated on a project without maintaining Excel documents or requiring onsite visits to offices to review whiteboards.

These “nice to have” tools are quickly becoming must have, and several organizations have thrown their hat into the technology ring for field services.

One tool for everything doesn’t work

As organizations conduct their research and compare solutions, a common misconception is to select a tool that claims it can do it all. These “buffet” solutions tout functionality for everything from inventory management to purchasing to scheduling to you name it. Simply being able to check a box isn’t enough in today’s field service industry. Each feature must perform what it says it will and do it exceptionally well.

When tools spread themselves too thin by trying to do everything, there is going to be glaring vulnerabilities and lack of capabilities across the entire solution. It’s a challenge to do everything and do it well.

Case in point: Payless offers a variety of different types of shoes and checks a lot of boxes. But if you’re looking for shoes that will last and hold their value after many uses, you’re going to want to look elsewhere. And this is how organizations should view their field service tools. Leverage a best-of-breed solution and let it do exactly what it was designed to do.

Moraware partners with best-of-breed tools

Moraware, the industry’s leading job scheduling software, partners with best-of-breed solutions to enhance their product and increase cohesiveness with customers. One of the solutions is Job Well Done.

Job Well Done is a best-of-breed solution built exclusively to keep field employees in constant contact with office workers. With Job Well Done:

  • Capture before and after photos of jobs and send them to appropriate parties in order to keep job tracking and updates all in one secure, easily accessible location.
  • Send and receive detailed job status updates in real time to keep field, office and even customers apprised of all work information.
  • Proactively resolve issues by sharing details and field feedback instantly with the installer to catch potential errors before they become problems.
  • Leverage the Job Well Done mobile app to give all field and onsite employees on-demand access to the information they need, when they need it.

Aside from Job Well Done, Moraware partners with other best-of-breed solutions to simplify barcoding, expedite digital measurements, drawings and product labeling.

Try Job Well Done and see best-of-breed in action

Proven functionality over the we-do-everything schtick is the best way to get the job done right the first time. Don’t settle for less just because more “feature” boxes are checked.

Watch a Job Well Done demo now, and when you’re ready, put these features to the test.

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